Avoid Being Conned


  • What would you say if someone called on the phone and offered you a free gift, just for allowing them to verify your credit card number and expiration date...............
  • Showed up at your door and quoted a bargain price on repairs because of "left over materials from a big job"...............
  • Tries to sell you extra health insurance, claiming that your present policy and Medicare will not cover nursing home care...............

Good answers include:

  • I have to check with the police department or better business Bureau first
  • No, Thank you
  • I want to think it over for a few days
  • I need to talk to my family and my lawyer before I decide

Some good rules to live by: If it sounds too good to be true...it probably is!
IRS, the FBI, APS, "Microsoft", a "Windows technician",  anyone from "Apple" and most other large companies, will never call you, unless you initiate the call first

Be careful of email from UPS, FedEx, Amazon, etc., saying you have a package for delivery, but they "need more information to deliver" and you know you have not ordered anything, don't respond, just delete the email.

The world is full of scammers just waiting to get your hard earned money or your personal information, they make a career of scamming and stealing; they don't care about you or what the consequences are of their thievery.  We do, if you need us, call us at 928-635-4461.

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