Auto Theft

Prevent Automobile Theft

Is Your Car at Risk?

Vehicle theft is on the rise. In Arizona, a car is stolen every nine minutes and 21 seconds, and across the nation one is stolen every 25.3 seconds. During the past 20 years (1984-2003) vehicle theft has increased by more than 379% in the State of Arizona. Thieves cruise through parking lots, City streets, and neighborhoods to see what they can take.

All cars are potential targets, but the top 10 cars that are currently being stolen in America are:

  • Chevrolet full-size king cab pickup
  • Nissan pickup
  • Ford Full size pickup
  • Honda Civic
  • Nissan Sentra
  • Dodge Ram pickup
  • Honda Accord
  • Saturn SL
  • Chrysler/Dodge/Plymouth Colt
  • Toyota Camry

During winter months, several vehicles in Flagstaff are stolen in the early morning when owners leave the vehicles running, unattended, to warm them up.

Don't Become a Victim

Here are some helpful hints the Williams Police Department would like to recommend to help avoid becoming a victim:

  • Never leave your car running or with the keys in the ignition when you are away from your vehicle
  • Always roll up the windows and lock the vehicle, even if it's in front of your home
  • Park in busy, well-lighted areas
  • Record your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) on the windows, doors, fenders, and trunk lid - this prevents thieves from removing and reselling those parts
  • Copy and keep the VIN in a safe place
  • Do not leave valuables visible in the vehicle, such as briefcases, purses, back packs, cell phones, etc.
  • Never leave underage children unattended in your vehicle, as it is unsafe and illegal

Anti-Theft Devices
There are several anti-theft devices.  It is your choice if you choose to use one of these devices.

  • Installation of a mechanical locking device commonly called a club, collar, or j-bar that lock to the steering column or brake to prevent the wheel from being turned
  • When buying a car, check the manufactures list of anti theft options, such as interior hood and trunk releases, and locking steering columns
  • Purchase and install: Gas cap locking devise
  • Alarm devise to activate a siren, horn, or lights; or all three to frighten away thieves

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