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Please be aware of some of the posts you comment on.  The posts that ask questions such as "what was your favorite teachers name, who was your 1st grade teacher, who was your childhood friend, your first car, your birthdate" etc.  These are the same questions asked when setting up accounts as security questions.  When answering these questions and posting them, you are my be giving out answers to your security questions without realizing it.  Hackers are setting these up as a "get to know each other better" game on Facebook.  They then build a profile of you and use this information to hack accounts or open new lines of credit in your name.  Not all of these on Facebook are scams, however it is best to remain vigilant and refrain from participating in such activities as there is no way to tell which ones may have been created by scammers as the Facebook accounts look real.  Know who your Facebook friends are.

Keeping you safe, Williams Police Department

Scam Warnings:

**The Williams Police Department has taken reports from several area businesses where a person contacts a store employee and portrays to be from the business’s corporate office. The scammer provides directions in an attempt to convince the employee to put money together and prepare to meet an employee from corporate headquarters.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Williams Police Department by calling (928) 635-4461, or report anonymously to Williams Silent Witness by calling (928) 635-5992.

**Scammers claiming to be with the Williams Police Department are calling and asking for money for warrants or subpoena's preying on residents.

The Williams Police Department has become aware that scammers are calling people claiming to be part of law enforcement and asking that money be sent regarding an outstanding warrant or subpoena.  They are using the Williams Police Departments name to appear legitimate.  They are also using legitimate telephone numbers for business's and residents.  The Williams Police Department or any other law enforcement agency will never call to ask for money to pay penalties, bail, warrants, subpoena's or any other reason similar.   PLEASE DO NOT ENGAGE WITH ANYONE ASKING FOR MONEY.

Warning Impersonation Scam:

There are reports about a scam where scammers are calling people pretending to be IRS, FBI, APS, Apple, "Microsoft technical support", "Windows", etc. In these scam telephone calls, emails and/or text messages from the scammer that threaten arrest, deportation, demand payment via a prepaid card or iTunes card, or request access to your computer, among other things to get you to give out personal information or submit a payment.  

Remember these companies will never call you unless you initiate the call first.  Never answer an email that you don't know who it's from and DON'T give out any personal information.  Don't let anyone have access to your computer, unless you initiated a call first for technical support. 


Stay alert.

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